Daniel Quiroz Moreno

photo of daniel quiroz

Degree: Ph.D.
Program: Horticulture and Crop Science
Years in the lab: 2021-present
Research focus: Multi-omic integration for crop nutritional improvement, with a focus on developing informatic tools.

Background: B.S. Biotechnology, Ikiam University, Tena, Ecuador
Hometown: Riobamba, Ecuador
Non-work interests: Photography, mountain biking
Contact: quirozmoreno dot 1 at osu dot edu
Personal webpage: https://danielquiroz97.gitlab.io

Developed Mass Spectrometry tools:

  • MS2extract: R library to construct in-house MS/MS libraries, facilitating advanced mass spectrometry analysis.
  • PhenolicsDB: Phenolics focused MS/MS database.
  • RGCxGC: R package streamlines the end-to-end processing of GCxGC-MS data, simplifying complex data analysis.

Recent Publications

  • 2023 - Magdalena Dias, Pablo Monfort-Lanzas, Cristian Quiroz-Moreno, et al., The microbiome of the ice-capped Cayambe Volcanic Complex in Ecuador. Frotiers in Microbioloy (link).

  • 2022 - Magdalena Dias, Cristian Quiroz-Moreno, et al., Soil bacterial community along an altitudinal gradient in the Sumaco, a stratovolcano in the Amazon region. Frontiers in Forest and Global Change (link).

  • 2022- Mallory L. Goggans, Emma A. Bilgrey, Cristian Quiroz-Moreno, et. al., Short-Term Tomato Consumption Alters the Pig Gut Microbiome toward a More Favorable Profile. Mirobiology Spectrum (link).

  • 2020 - Cristian Quiroz-Moreno, et. al., RGCxGC toolbox: an R-package for data processing in comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. Microchemical Journal (link).

  • 2018 - Noroska Salazar, Cristian Quiroz-Moreno, et. al.,
    New advances in toxicological forensic analysis using mass spectrometry techniques. Journal of Analytical Methods in Chemistry (link).

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